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Regarding the Sabbatical 

I am often asked, “Cameron, where the hell have you been?” I get this everywhere I go in the city. It doesn’t matter if I’m getting my morning coffee, out for a run, or having a nice meal. My public demands to know why I have been missing in action. I have repeatedly had to tell my man Obama “get off my nuts, son.” This is all somewhat true. I have been terribly bad about writing about what’s going on with me and my projects on this blog, and I am now infamous for returning calls or texts in a month or two. No, I did not go off a move to Africa like Dave Chappelle. I actually had the most amazing and surreal experience of having a son just about two years ago. Or, when I went “MIA” according to some of friends.

I am not going to get all parental and sappy. Okay maybe I am so get over it. It has really been one of the most exciting and challenging experiences of my life. It’s just like everybody describes it. I am a much better and smarter person than I was before. Which is great news for me, because I thought I hit my intelligence peak around sixth grade. Anyhow, I live with my beautiful love Tasha and our little boy Parker on Russian Hill in San Francisco.

The reason I bring up little Parker and the family, is that has indeed been the big challenge of working in the arts and balancing family life. One of the most complicated things I have navigated in my short life. I started a bunch of projects in New York, and tried to move them across the country, which has been quite a struggle to prioritize and execute. I have also been talking about blogging and chronicling the creative projects I am involved with for the past two years. But it is very hard to sit and type about the stupid movie industry for hours, when you have a baby in tears with a 103 fever. Your priorities change obviously. I think I might have gotten to a point though, where I can venture back into the real world and start writing again on a regular basis. Please don’t quote me on that though. Seriously.

To my dear Brooklyn, I miss you more than you will ever know, you cruel beautiful beast. And I hope to see you see you soon. It is definitely much more of a challenge doing the bi-coastal thing with a toddler in tow.

San Francisco has been great to us since we moved back from New York. Near perfect climate for being outdoors all year round. An abundance of creative, smart, funny, and progressive people from all around the world. It has also been fascinating to see the tech and marijuana industries here in the Bay Area growing at exponential rates in this dismal economy.

On the downside of things in my re- introduction to San Francisco, is the the current state of the film and television industry. Porn seems to be some of the only media production in full swing here in the city. You can count the number of major feature films, and television shows probably on one hand shot here this past year. It’s sad to see how much work needs to be done in SF and in the Bay Area to get the scene back to where it needs to be to suport a sustainable film and television industry. There is no reason filmmakers shouldn’t be flocking to SF like they do to Austin, Texas.

It has been a long and tough journey debating with myself if it is worth being in the Bay Area, with the film scene on life support the way it is. Over this past year, I have really come to the conclusion that instead of bailing on the city and running to LA. I need to do as much as possible as a filmmaker and ghetto entrepreneur to help foster the scene here in SF. I hope to make some kind of difference, but who knows. I could be right back here writing in 10 years that we are still only shooting 2 films a year here in SF. I would like to believe that if there is a coordinated effort, we can make a positive impact in the film industry in the Bay Area.

On this blog, I will profile filmmakers, musicians, writers, directors and producers working on projects here in the Bay Area. This will be a way of promoting our area, and also as a way of archiving filmmakers work as they move from project to project. We will highlight the best Bay Area people that are making it happen.

Thanks for reading. I am excited for the journey.

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