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San Francisco International Film Festival

We’re already a few days into it, but the San Francisco International Film Festival is back for its 53rd year. The festival will run from April 19th to May 3rd, and promises a glorious few days of excellent films.

The film festival provides more than just intriguing films: this year will feature live music, filmmaker salons, master classes for filmmakers, and even classes for college filmmakers in the Bay area.

There are tons of parties and award events; this year’s festival honors Kenneth Branagh with the Founder’s Directing Award.  

The big highlight is the Film Society Awards night, held on Thursday April 26th. If you have an extra $600 to $2000 for a ticket laying around on your couch somewhere, you are good to go and should enjoy this event. I guess I shouldn’t be too snarky since it benefits youth education programs. But $2000 for a ticket? If they had an extra $2000 laying around, most of the filmmakers I know would probably 1: buy a lot of pot and 2: Start there own little film festival with that money. Or just go and shoot something.

Anyhow, I digress. Go check out the festival and support San Francisco and the filmmaking community.