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All about Episode 2 - “The Dinner Party”

There are several once-in-a-lifetime events culminating this week. We saw Venus eclipse the sun, which was pretty boring. In other , more globally relevant news, we have finally released episode 2 of Sex Drugs and Jazz, entitled “The Dinner Party”.

As you might remember if you were sober at the end of the Pilot episode, Neptune (Ashley Springer) gets arrested by the NYPD for selling ganja on St Marks street in New York. Episode two opens with Neptune trying to figure out how to get customers for his new weed start up business. Our Jazz musician protagonist is obviously not the sharpest business person, but with the help of his best friend Chris Wang (Trevor Zhou), a plan is hatched to throw a fancy dinner party to entice new high end customers to sell pot to.

Getting ready for the dinner party is a shit show, and the party itself is filled with complications from start to finish. At the dinner party we meet Steve and Ricardo, two flamboyant broadway theatre directors; We meet Metta, the intimidating billionaire oil man, and Eliza the horny cougar who is always has her hands on Neptune’s joint.

I really love this episode so very much, and I love dinner parties. They are one of the best social activities we get to do in our short little lives. Good people, good food, good wine, and I’m in heaven. For episode 2 I thought it would be fun to have all these characters who Neptune would be selling weed to, to gather at Neptune’s house to see him in his own environment as a cook and host. Which - surprise surprise - he’s not very good at.  

The music from Episode 2 features more kick ass tunes from the brilliant Hot Club of San Francisco - the songs Lover’s Leap, Jonesin’, and Yerba Buena bounce from the HCSF. The great funk tune for the massive bong smoking scene is “Camouflage” by Hokum Factory out of NYC.

Will Neptune pull it off, and get enough people to buy pot to start his business? Watch the effen 2nd episode now and find out you lazy slacker.



Sweet Sassy Molassy. “New” Recordings from Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong!

I missed this little gem over the last week, and am so very ecstatic that this came out. No, there was not a half million dollar hologram of Satchmo at Coachella. There is apparently an archived recording of Louis Armstrong performing live at the national Press Club in Washington on January 29th, 1971. This historic recording would be the last live recording of Louis before he passed away less than six months later on July 6th, 1971.

It’s really exciting news for us jazz and music nerds. Louis is my god, as he is for a lot of us jazz folks. He’s a mythical idol that us mere mortals only wish we could sound like on our best days. Louis had it all. He took the music of Europe, Africa, and America and created some of the most creative and brilliant music in history. His raspy marijuana tinged scatting is recognizable in a nano second. His technical abilities on trumpet and improvisations are unmatched decades later. His composing skills were light years before his time. In other words, God.

As a musician who has poked around on the trumpet since I was six years old, I have never been more angered or motivated by a musician than Louis Armstrong. Some days I spend hours transcribing a solo of his, trying to figure out why a certain solo is so bad ass. And some days, listening to him makes me want to throw my trumpet into Lake Merritt. Why even try, when I’ll never sound like Louis.

I am going to download this new Louis Album ASAP, and check back in after a listen through.

Check out this video from the AP with more background on the album.